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EPIC - Concert Details

Hello Chorale Members!

I hope you are excited for our opening night performance this coming Friday!

Ticket sales are going well and it looks like we are going to have a large audience for both shows!

Just a reminder that we are doing a sound check on stage at 6:30 pm sharp on Friday. Please make sure you are fully dressed and ready to go for the concert by 6:30 pm. Depending on how long sound check goes, you might not have enough time to get ready afterwards.

Since we have some new members this season, I just wanted to provide you with an update on concert logistics and details.

  1. We are not allowed to bring our water bottles up to the stage with us. Please do your best to hydrate throughout the day so that you can comfortably sing through the first half of the program. Water and tea are your friends. Remember to bring your water bottle with you and leave it in the back room so that you can hydrate during intermission before the second half of the show. The back rooms will be locked during our performances so all of your personal items will be safe there.

  2. Please ensure you have all your music organized in concert order in your folders. Please use the elastic bands in the folder to hold your music in place so nothing falls out.

  3. Cell Phones. We encourage you to leave your cell phones behind in the back rooms. If you must bring it to the stage with you. Please ensure that your phones are turned OFF. We do not want any calls to interfere with the sound systems that we have set up.

  4. Please remind your friends and family that are attending our show that we will have a concession table during intermission. Donations can be made via cash or card.

  5. Reminder that the concerts are scent free. No aftershave, cologne, perfume, essential oils or scented hair spray please.

  6. Lastly, remember to smile and have fun! We have worked so hard to put this show together and it's finally our time to shine and show the audience the fruits of our labour; after all, it's going to be EPIC!

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Karen Harris
Karen Harris
Apr 15, 2023

What’s the call time for today?(Saturday)

Replying to

Janice Strong’s email .. 1:30 pm.

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