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October 3rd Announcements

Hello everyone and thank you for another successful rehearsal!

Here is a summary from tonight's announcements:

  • Potential third concert at Lougheed Mall on Sunday, December 11th ar 2:00 pm.

  • Remember to make notes in your sheet music in PENCIL only. If you need a pencil, you can pick one up at the beginning of practice next to the sign in sheets

  • In the "Forum" page of this app, you will see a summary of notes from tonight's practice posted by Meaghn Moore, please review them to ensure that you know any changes that have been made to the music.

See you all next Monday!


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Hello Chorale Members! I hope you are excited for our opening night performance this coming Friday! Ticket sales are going well and it looks like we are going to have a large audience for both shows!


Unknown member
Oct 19, 2022

Hi Ada, I volunteered with Janice to try to book some additional concerts. I see there is a tentative for Dec 11th. Are you taking care of additional concerts? Should I liaise with you before booking anything?


And we announced the name of the new Chamber choir! We are adding CONCORDIA to our Chorale family (it means Harmony)

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